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Lime Design Studio's Face Sculpture 3D Model

Take Control of Your Career!

Dedicated to give you a cutting system that you can rely on day in and day out behind your chair. Designed to be salon-oriented, with over 25 years of cutting experience. We would be happy to see you enroll with us!

Our Fall Training Schedule (2022)

October 3rd: All about the Bob

Takeaways: You will gain essential theory that will empower you to control the shape of your Bob and will help you to produce timeless shapes.


October 16th & 17th: Long to Short

These 2 days program will take you to a journey that will start with long layers and will end with your pixie cut. Completing it will give you my system that you can fall back on, day in and day out behind your chair.


November 7th: All about the Bob

Novemver 27th & 28th: Long to Short

Register Now!

Contact our team today for registration or to ask any questions regarding our programs or schedule.

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