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Career Changing Advanced Cutting Programs


Emil Kleinfeller has a reputation for producing precision-crafted hairstyles. His down-to-earth approach and experience give him a unique and passionate flare, coming from three generations of hairdressers growing up in the salon. By age 16, Emil was apprenticing under two of Hungary's elite stylists, where he received a lifelong inspiration for education and laid a strong foundation.


After winning the National Junior Championship in his last year of education, Emil moved to Canada, where, before his 24th birthday opened his own salon. His attention to precision and technical excellence, combined with his passion for sharing and education, allowed his studio to thrive for 21 years continuously.

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To deliver a cutting system and theory that impacts all students that strive for technical knowledge and excellence through a disciplined approach to the world of cutting.


We love creating seamless hair cuts that fall into place every time. We believe in cutting shapes into the hair because when it’s done correctly, it produces long-lasting results.

“If you build it, you can cut it.”

- Emil Kleinfeller

Lime Design Academy patented theory.

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What to Expect

You will gain an understanding of the main cutting techniques and how to apply them. In our hands-on programs, you will learn each of these skills individually then master how to melt them together to create timeless shapes. 


Our journey will cover the knowledge of:

Graduation: The power of it and how it will empower you. You will be guided through the world of graduation.

Sectioning: Understanding the head shape and controlling your shape by understanding sectioning.

Elevation: How it affects the shape (why, when, where).

Cutting angles: What they mean to you and how they put you in control.

Over direction: Learn to control length and weight.

Disconnection: Eliminating weight or building volume, also to create different shapes.

Reverse graduation: To build volume internally.

Layering: Controlling your internal shape, reducing weight or adding volume, creating textures and movement.

Blending: How to make your shape seamless (addressing blending and freehand techniques).

The crown: Tricks of the crown and how it can make or break your haircut.

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Program 1:

Sectioning, graduation and elevation You will learn the rules of sectioning, graduation and elevation. In this hands-on program, you will create a graduated bob while learning a system that is fully adjustable for your client’s needs.

Program 2:

Layering and over direction In this hands-on program, we will explore layering and over directions. You will create a layered salon-friendly shape while gaining essential knowledge, both theory and technical.

Program 3:

Disconnection and reverse graduation This program will help you step out of “the box” and give you the tools to be more adventurous with your shapes by showing you how to create different lengths with sometimes different angles without blending them.

Advanced Haircutting Programs for You

Learn advanced cutting techniques from Emil Kleinfeller and benefit from his years of experience.


If you want to advance your career, find out to sign up.

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